Article V and Article VIII of the Florida Constitution provide the basis for the role of the Clerk. Pursuant to these sections of the Florida Constitution the offices of clerks of the circuit courts in each county is designated as the “ex officio clerk of the board of county commissioners, auditor, recorder, and custodian of all county funds.”

The Finance Department is under the supervision of the Gilchrist County Clerk of the Court and Comptroller, Todd Newton.
Due to ADA Compliance issues we are not able to provide many financial documents that historically we were able to post. If you would like to request any County Financial Information please contact any of the Clerks Office staff below. 

County Financial Information

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller 
Todd Newton

Director of Finance
Richard Romans
352-463-4600 Voice 352-463-4050 Fax

Deputy Clerk, BOCC Secretary
Kieran Bryan
352-463-4605 voice 352-463-4050 fax

Deputy Clerk, Accounts Payable
Coty Streit
352-463-4603 voice 352-463-4050 fax

Deputy Clerk, BOCC Purchasing/Payroll
Denise Galladay
352-463-4602 voice 352-463-4050 fax

Deputy Clerk, BOCC Accounting
Wesley Roberts
352-463-4601 voice 352-463-4050 fax

Deputy Clerk, Clerk Accounting
Kaci McCagh
352-463-4604 voice 352-463-4050 fax